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Grab a bigger slyce of the recurring payments pie

Leverage the best solution to manage your merchants' risk-adjusted ROI

Capture the opportunity

Gain insights to improve the accuracy of your initial underwriting efforts and tie into your routine compliance oversight
Help your merchants maintain compliance
Benefit from a 3-step holistic mitigation approach:
  • Early warnings and emerging potential hazards
  • Pinpointed sources of threat
  • Merchant-specific action plans that work
Inform compliance and risk oversight of your merchant portfolio with decades of merchant CNP RP experience

A Win for Everyone

A Single View of the Data

Slyce360 helps Merchants stay compliant
MSPs generate greater ROI on every transaction
Acquirers gain entry to a whole new, highly lucrative revenue source


How we're different

Facilitating a true relationship reset among players in the high-risk ecosystem by fostering a common language unified by a shared lens on payments/CRM data

Recapturing lost margin for CNP RP payments enablers by eliminating referrals to 3rd party risk/representment services and providing merchants "one stop" payments-compliance shopping

Changing the game: Teaching payments providers and portfolio merchants how to go on offense, not just defense, and running smart plays to grow market share


"Challenging," "constantly evolving," "mystifying" . . . these are only a few phrases we've heard to describe Card Association compliance

Targeted, specific warnings isolate root causes of payment issues

Early intervention action plans prevent future compliance headaches and reduce reputational risk


Are your merchants' dispute mitigation services working as promised?

Which dispute mitigation services offer the biggest ROI for you and your merchants?

Do you know where your mitigation services frequently overlap, resulting in unnecessary duplicate expense for you and your merchants?

Slyce360's actionable data provides answers to these questions, and more


Do you want a slyce of the representment pie?

Slyce360 offers a seamless opportunity to generate win-rates for you and your merchants

Make compelling cases that align with Card Association rules

Slyce360 insights go beyond overall win-rate accounting, elevating dispute recovery strategies over time

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