Navigating the 'brave new world' of CNP recurring payments processing

Let's face it -- the world can change, fast. A pandemic just proved that.

The way we shop and dine and pay and where we get our entertainment, bears no resemblance to pre-pandemic life. Card Not Present (CNP) transactions and recurring payments (CNP RPs) are having a moment -- one that's not expected to revert anytime soon. If ever.

Discrete single product purchase models are being transformed into recurring billing service models. Think iPhone. Now, add a fee or free trial offer conversion marketing twist, and the plot thickens. Complicated, yes, but a tremendous opportunity for value creation among payments commerce enablers eyeing the space.

Capturing the opportunity requires a relationship reset between merchants engaged in these business models and the payments commerce enablers who serve them -- acquirers, payments aggregators, processors and CRM SaaS providers.

A one-time underwriting effort complimented by episodic compliance oversight - the old model - isn't up to the challenge. And passing a high risk merchant opportunity to a payments competitor to reduce "high risk" exposure misses the point. Let's face it, neither approach meets the opportunity.

We here at Slyce360, believe the relationship reset begins with an open data sharing platform, one informed by decades of expertise in managing CNP RPs, with fee and free trial marketing features. Our cognitive platform is accessible to both merchants and their payments commerce enablers, and integrates acquirer reporting on authorizations, chargebacks and fraud flags with merchant CRM data at a customer level, all visible through one simple, elegant dashboard.

By design, Slyce360 forces a relationship reset by providing a common language around CNP RP problems and opportunities, liberated from competing data viewpoints. By enabling everyone to be looking at the same payments data with a common lens, a shared perspective emerges. This provides line-of-sight into developing issues and qualifies merchant risk relative to opportunity, before issues become threats, and before risks outweigh opportunities. It's true, predictive, understandable insight that delivers enhanced ROI for everyone.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't.

This isn't just chargeback mitigation or representment management. Our informed solution helps you qualify and underwrite CNP RP merchant prospects and opportunities, develop individualized merchant risk monitoring plans, and enable merchants to police themselves in remaining compliant. This means a more educated assessment and management of risk-adjusted ROI.

Acquirers, payments aggregators, processors, CRM/SaaS providers and CNP RP merchants. Everyone is more profitable.

Go ahead, grab a bigger slyce of the recurring payments pie with Slyce360.

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