Impacts and Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has the potential to make a lot of money. But using the wrong affiliate can expose you and your Merchants to increased risk. Read for a breakdown of the impacts and pitfalls.

How Visa Fights Friendly Fraud in 2024

First-party fraud is one of the most contested topics with Merchants. That’s because Card Brands are starting to make huge new updates in answer to ‘what is fraud?’ Let’s break down how Visa is tackling friendly fraud in 2024.

Playing Offense with Chargebacks

The current state of fighting chargebacks is waiting for them to happen before responding. But serious problems can arise when Merchants ignore the root cause.

Chargebacks, Who Pays?

Nothing is free when taking Transactions. And chargebacks are no different. Let’s break down the underlying factors that affect the true price of that chargeback.

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