How Can I Manage Leakage?

Even if you do everything right, many Merchants still get burned by leakage in the form of chargebacks.
And once you fall out of compliance with the card associations it can be nearly impossible to get back into compliance. Processors can drop you quickly without batting an eye.
Slyce360 marries all your payments and CRM data into one place, and provides the tools to generate reports, set alerts, and see the rising issues before they become a problem. It takes the slog out of spotting leakage and makes staying compliant for longer, easy.

Take the guess work and monotonous grind out of finding and addressing leakage. Use Slyce360 for alerts, reports, and actionable insights to stop leakage before it’s too late.

Slyce360 makes managing leakage possible by:

  • Marrying CRM and Payments data together – meaning you can see the relationship between your chargebacks and your data
  • See the overlap – see and understand the relationship between your chargebacks and your mitigation services for a deep understanding of where leaking is occurring
  • See More – quickly understand which MIDs, issuer, or mitigation service is jeopardizing your payment process
  • Arm Yourself – with the data to reach out to your mitigation alert partner and plug the leak

May 30, 2024

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