Mitigation Services that Leak

Leaking margin can be a huge problem for any Merchant. It’s present within plain sight, hiding within services and tools used by most Merchants.  

We’ve found there are two mitigation services most prone to leakage—

  1. Ethoca Alerts
  2. Verifi Mitigation Services, which includes CDRN and RDR
It’s up to the Merchant to understand and spot leaking Margin before it’s too late. Mitigation services most prone to leakage are Ethoca Alerts and Verifi’s Mitigation Services.

Fixing leakage might start with your Processor, but spotting the leakage in broken tools is up to the Merchant. Finding the leak isn’t always that straight forward though, mitigation services can break because of a myriad of reasons:

  • False negatives
  • Inadequate setup
  • Limited data
  • Delayed alerts
  • More…

So stay tuned—next week we’ll break down how to find and track leakage.

May 16, 2024

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